GPS At Home Soccer Series - GK Day 2

GK Session 2: In session 1, we focused on the ‘W-Catch’ and what the role of the goalkeeper is. Today, we focus on a different handling technique, the ‘Basket Catch.’ The footwork and activities are similar, but be sure to continue focusing on the technique of your footwork, the set position that were illustrated in session 1 and add to your abilities as a goalkeeper with the ‘Basket Catch.’ We will also be looking at how you react to mistakes. Be honest with yourself when answering the questions as the only way to improve is through true reflection.


Technical: Much like for our first session, all you need is a tennis ball, soccer ball, four cones (or any markers), and no more than 5 by 5 yards of space to work in. Today our focus is on another handling technique, the ‘Basket Catch,’ to be used when the ball is traveling at your below chest height. Go through the activities and get some insight on the proper technique of the ‘Basket Catch’ here: GPS At Home Soccer Series: Goalkeeping Edition - Day 2, Basket Catch


Mental: Today, we are looking at your mindset. How do you react to making a mistake in a training session or a game? Do you dwell on it and let it affect your performance or do you learn from it and use it to improve yourself? Think about those questions as well as the others we have for you. Fill out a questionnaire about yourself and how you view performances: Goalkeeper Psychology


GPS At Home Soccer Series - GK Day 1

GK Session 1: Hopefully you have been able to utilize the previous sessions that have been sent out to improve your overall tactical understanding as well as improving your feet, as having the ability to play out of the back becomes an increasingly important aspect of being a goalkeeper. Today, the focus is on the ‘W-Catch’ and different activities that can help you improving your catching technique. We also ask you to complete a questionnaire on what you think it means to be a GPS goalkeeper. 


Technical: Back to Basics! Handling and Footwork is a goalkeeper’s bread and butter and is an essential foundation in building a goalkeeper’s toolbox of techniques. This session we’ll be working on the set position, footwork, and the w-catch technique. All you need is a tennis ball, soccer ball, four cones (or any markers) and no more than 5 by 5 yards of space to work in: GPS At Home Soccer Series: Goalkeeping Edition - Day 1, W-Catch


Mental: What is the role of a goalkeeper at GPS? Think about all the different things you are responsible during a game. Complete the questionnaire on what you think the important roles of a goalkeeper are, the biggest challenges that you face on the field in your role, and what you pride yourself on as being part of GPS and being a goalkeeper within the program: Role of a Goalkeeper


GPS At Home Soccer Series - Day 5

Session 5: In our previous four sessions, we have worked on a variety of technical skills with just you and the ball, now we move on to passing. We also have some answers to your questions from last session’s ‘Ask A Coach’ segment and a match analysis exercise that will keep you thinking about the game. Make sure that you completed your goal setting exercise from last session! It is important for you as a player to set goals for yourself so that you can work to achieve them.


Technical: Today you will need a partner to help you, maybe that is a sibling, a parent, or someone else that you live with. You will need three cones (or markers), and a ball. We are working on ‘control and connect’ and the different ways to pass and receive the ball. Check the video here: At Home Soccer Series, Day 5


Tactical: You are going to watch the 1st half of a game between Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig from the Bundesliga or England v USWNT and then answer questions. Link to Dortmund v Leipzig  Link to England v United States. Once you are done watching the chosen video (you may have to download it), answer questions here: Match Analysis Questionnaire


Ask A Coach: Some good questions came over the last few days for our first installment of ‘Ask A Coach’! You can check the video of answers here: Ask A Coach Responses. We will be answering more of the questions next Wednesday so you have some more time to get some good questions in! You can submit your question here: Submit a question for a coach


GPS At Home Soccer Series - Day 4

Today we are back with more activities, including the GPS Skills Corridor, an exercise in setting goals for yourself (something that is good for you to do both for soccer and outside of soccer), and for our last activity we are introducing ‘Ask a Coach’ where we want you to submit some questions to get a response. For more information on that and all your Session 3 activities, see below!


Technical: Put your skills to the test today in the GPS Skills Corridor! We have worked on ball mastery and different moves throughout the course of the At Home Soccer Series and now is time for you to put them all together: GPS At Home Soccer Series - Skills Corridor


Mental: As a soccer player, it is important to have the technical skills, the tactical knowledge, and the physical ability to put it all to work, but how often do you reflect and and set goals for yourself? How often do you think about what you want to be as a soccer player? Today we look at goal setting and help you think about what you want out of soccer: Individual Goal Setting


Ask A Coach: We want to hear from you! What soccer questions do you have for us? We are looking for your questions on the technical, tactical, physical, and mental sides of the game. Each time, we will pick out a few questions from players across of all GPS and will answer your questions in a video. Make sure your question is a good one if you want it to be selected! Submit your question here.


GPS At Home Soccer Series - Day 3

You can access today’s At Home Soccer Series here: Follow Up Friday


Technical: There are two types if 1v1s that players encounter in a game, beating a defender, as we covered on Wednesday, and evading a defender to create space for yourself. You can our latest video here: At Home Soccer Series: Day 3 - Evading a Defender


Tactical/Mental: A huge part of being a top class soccer player is having an advanced understanding of the game. At GPS, we believe that how we ask our teams to play is a huge aid to your development as a player. Understanding your responsibilities in each position and understanding what your teammates should be doing helps your team as a whole. As part of #FollowUpFriday, we want to hear your thoughts! If you have not had the time to complete either the GPS Style of Play questionnaire or the Formations questionnaire, make sure to take the time to watch the videos, write down your thoughts, and answer the questions. Part of being the best player you can be is taking ownership of your development and going whatever you can to become a better player:


We will see you Sunday for a Game Day exercise and will be back next week with more from the GPS At Home Soccer Series.


GPS At Home Soccer Series - Day 2

You can access today’s At Home Exercise here: GPS At Home Soccer Series - Day 2 and see below for the individual exercises for the day.


Technical: Today we look at different skills and moves that you can use to beat a defender on the dribble. Again, all you need is a ball, some markers, and some quick feet: At Home Soccer Series: Day 2 - Beat the Defender


Tactical/Mental: For session 1, we looked at how we want each team across GPS to play. But do you know what formation your team should be playing and what it looks like on the field? Do you know what each position is expected to do in a game? Click the game format that you play t to explore some answers to the questions! 7v7 9v9 11v11


Physical: How did you do in Coach Chip’s workout on Day 1? Were you able to complete all the exercises? There is always room for improvement in everything that we do. Go through the dynamic warmup and run through each of the circuits again from Day 1. See if you notice any improvements: Day 2 Exercises


GPS At Home Soccer Series - Day 1

Presenting the GPS At Home Soccer Series:


While you may not be able to practice with your teammates and coaches at the moment, there is still work that you can do at home to improve your skills of the field. During this time, we will send out sessions that are broken into three different parts: technical, mental/tactical, and physical. Our first session focuses on some of the basics of what makes you a GPS player! See below for your exercises for session 1:


Technical: Today’s technical work is ball manipulation and juggling. All you need is a ball (maybe a tennis ball too!), some cones (or other markers), and a lot of energy! You can find a video of today’s exercises here: At Home Soccer Series: Day 1 - Ball Manipulation


Tactical/Mental: There is more to being a great soccer player than just being good on the ball. Do you know how GPS wants our teams to play? Do you know the four principles of the GPS Style of Play? Test yourself by following the link and completing your tactical and mental activity for the day: GPS Style of Play


Physical: An important aspect of soccer is making sure that your body is able to do the things your mind wants you to do. Coach Chip from GPS Carolina runs us through a few different circuits for session 1 that can help you maximize your potential as a soccer player: Day 1 - Physical Workout


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